How to wear the new American Apparel logo and logo, which are currently not available in the US

A new American company is attempting to change that.

Glyder, the company behind the latest wave of American apparel, is attempting a bold new logo.

It’s a logo designed to be the new face of American brands.

The new logo, the first of its kind to appear on American apparel since 1996, is a dark blue-gray that will be on shirts, jackets, jeans and other clothing in the coming weeks.

“The idea was to bring a fresh approach to American design,” said Jason Zandberg, chief brand officer of Glyder.

“This logo is a bold change to the traditional look and the idea of the American brand.”

This is the first time a new American brand has used the Glyder logo.

It will be seen on apparel in the United States in November.

The Glyder brand is an American clothing brand founded in 2000 by Jason Zande, a designer who has designed clothing for brands like Gap, Target and Nike.

The Glyder name is an homage to the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, Glyde, who is often depicted with a whip.

The name Glyder also has a meaning.

Glyde is a Greek word meaning “white.”

The new Glyder is meant to evoke the bright blue of the new US apparel.

“We’re going for a fresh look and a fresh brand.

We’re going to try to do something different with our logos,” Zande said.

Glyder is also using a new typeface to replace the original one.

It uses a bold and modern style, he said.

The new logo also has three horizontal lines to highlight its “future” and “future of American fashion.”

The new Glyden logo is designed to take the shape of a wheel and is a reference to the wheel of life, or the wheel in Greek mythology.

The word “Glyden” is also a Greek symbol.

Zande said the Glyden branding is an attempt to bring something new to the American market.

He said it was inspired by the iconic Glyder shirt that has been used by American athletes since the 1980s.

“It’s about embracing the American spirit,” Zandov said.

“We’re not afraid of our past, we want to do better.”