Adidas unveils Nike Air Max 2.0 with a new logo, adidas Air Max Boosts, and a brand new Boosts adidas shoes

Adidas has released a brand-new Air Max 1.0 Boosts shoe.

The shoe is the first Nike AirMax shoe to include a Boosts logo, which is now a part of the Boosts aesthetic.

Adidas says that this Air Max will be available exclusively on its website starting in October.

The Air Max’s Boosts branding will appear in the shoe’s heel counter, a new feature in the Air Max.

Adidas has also redesigned the upper, including a larger heel counter that is visible on the shoe.

These changes were made to improve on the AirMax 1.x, which has a larger toe box, a slightly thicker upper and a slightly narrower shoe model.

The new Boost’s sole is a more streamlined version of the shoe it replaces, which Adidas says is also a “better fit.”

The shoe also has a more rounded heel counter to reduce the space between the shoe and the foot.

Adidas claims the new Boost “gives the shoe a more modern, contemporary look and feel.”

Adidas says that the new Air Max is available in a variety of colorways, but the “standard” Boost will be released in October and a “Premium” will follow in October, which includes the new Nike Air Boost 2.x Boosts.

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