Fox Racing: The Fox Sports PGA Championship and PGA Tour will both be held on the same day in 2019

Fox Racing has confirmed it will hold its next PGA TOUR event on the day of the PGA championship, the PGC FedExCup.

The company confirmed to ESPN that the event will be held March 5-7, 2019 at the FedEx Forrester Resort & Club in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the site of the old New Orleans Clubhouse.

Fox Racing’s 2018 season kicked off with a double-header in Miami with a two-day tournament in South Florida.

It was one of the last events of the season before the tournament opened.

The PGA tour’s 2018 campaign saw the PXC Championship begin in Miami.

The event’s schedule is still to be finalized, but the PPGA TOUR announced Friday that it will be the first PGA event to be held at a venue in the United States outside of New York City since the PCT opened in 2003.

The next PGC Tour event is scheduled to be played on the final weekend of 2019.