Happy Earth apparel company to release the Super Bowl 50 jersey

Happy Earth is releasing the Super Football 50 jersey this year.

The jersey, which will be worn by the 49ers starting on the gridiron, will be available in a variety of colors, styles and styles.

The 49ers’ 49ers Super Bowl 49 jerseys were unveiled in January of 2016.

The design is inspired by the classic NFL helmet design and features a wide collar, a mesh chest, a jersey patch on the chest, and an eagle on the back of the neck.

The jersey will be sold in the NFL Shop starting March 31.

Happy Earth has previously released similar jerseys for other sports, including the Nike Air Max 1 and Air Max 2.

Happy Earth’s Super Football 49 jerseys will be released in two different sizes, with a 65 and a 72.

The new jersey is available for pre-order on Happy Earth’s website and at participating retailers.