John Deere apparel says it will no longer sell peloton apparel after controversy over its links to the company

The John Delegation apparel company has agreed to divest its sponsorship of the peloton.

The company has said it will focus its energies on the U.S. cycling market.

The decision comes as cycling continues to grapple with controversy surrounding its links with the company.

Last week, the International Cycling Union said it had banned the sale of John Deeg apparel to companies that are directly or indirectly linked to the pelotons participation in the U17 WorldTour.

The company said it has since rebranded its apparel with a different logo and colors.

“John Deere is a brand of high integrity, commitment and integrity and we will not be taking any other sponsorship opportunities in the future,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

John Delegating, the world’s largest private company, is a subsidiary of John Hancock.

The majority of its sales are from the U-17 World Championship, which runs from June 11-July 15 in France.

It also has sponsorship deals with teams such as Team Sky and the WorldTour, which includes the pelodrive and peloton events.