Patriots have no plans to wear new uniforms during training camp

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has no plans for players wearing new uniforms in the preseason, despite a recent report that the team will start wearing the same uniform the rest of the season.

The report, citing an unnamed NFL source, said the Patriots will wear the same standard as the rest to start the preseason.

Kraft said during his Monday news conference that the Patriots are not considering wearing a new uniform in the first half of the regular season.

Instead, he said the team would “be looking at things a little bit differently,” such as the use of the traditional colors of green and red.

“We have no issues with the green and blue, we’re not going to be doing anything different than what we’re doing,” Kraft said.

“There are things we have to go through.

We have to have uniform options.

We are going to have to adjust the colors.

But I’m not going anywhere.”

Kraft made his comments during an appearance on Fox News Sunday morning, where he was asked about the team’s preseason uniforms.

Kraft did not rule out the possibility of a new uniforms debut, saying he will “look at the whole situation and see what we need to do to make sure we’re putting ourselves in the best position to do what we do.”

But there is nothing to indicate anything’s going to change.

“Kubrick added that he will not change the Patriots uniform during the regular-season season because he believes “we’re a good football team.””

But we’re always open to changing things, and we’ll look at things like what we can do.””

It’s our business and we’re going to keep doing it.

But we’re always open to changing things, and we’ll look at things like what we can do.”

New England has had the green, red and white uniforms since the 1980s, and the team has worn them for the last five seasons.

Kubricks comments were his most direct comment yet about the uniforms, as he had previously stated the team plans to “look” for ways to change the uniforms.

“I’ll take the uniforms any time, anytime,” Kraft told Fox News.

“But the uniforms are the business.

We’re always looking for ways we can make sure that the uniforms look better than they are right now.

We just want to do the best we can to make the uniforms as good as they can be.”

Kawhi Leonard, who is on the injured reserve list, is one of several players expected to wear a new look during the preseason and could make his debut in the Patriots’ season opener on Aug. 26 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Leonard had been scheduled to start in place of the injured Ray Lewis, who has missed most of the preseason due to injury.