When Bitcoin falls, Greek clothing may not be as hot as bitcoin

Bitcoin prices fell as much as expected on Monday, as investors feared the digital currency’s recent rally would weaken its appeal in a market where the value of the world’s coins has fallen by a quarter.

But bitcoin has not been the only asset class to struggle against the dollar’s drop this year.

Shares in Chinese apparel maker Jilin Group fell 1.4% to 6,890 yuan ($881) on the news that the US government may not approve the company’s $7.5 billion bid to buy the maker of clothes.

The collapse in the dollar also affected other asset classes, with the Australian dollar’s decline 0.3% to US$1.8200.

The Australian dollar has fallen to an all-time low against the greenback.

In Australia, the Australian Government is planning to spend about $30 million on a $1.6 billion deal with US-based clothing retailer Uniqlo.

Uniqlo, which was spun off from fashion giant Louis Vuitton in 2015, has struggled to regain market share from rival brands.

The firm has been buying clothes from major retailers, including Target, Gap and Nike.

It said on Monday it will announce a deal for Uniqlons next year.

Australian companies were among the worst hit by the dollar collapse, with many trading at below-market prices and investors fearing the value in gold, silver and platinum would drop further.

Gold futures fell to their lowest since October, hitting a four-week low of $US16.30 an ounce, while silver dipped to $US2,632 an ounce.

The yen weakened to 0.5% against the US dollar from 0.6% earlier, while the euro hit $1,819.90 an ounce against the Australian currency.