Why Size Up Brands Are Now Shipping Products with the Latest Fitbit and Fitbit Flex sensors

Tasha Robinson, a former fashion designer and founder of fashion retailer Size Up, has found a new niche as she tries to find new ways to deliver personalized services. 

“It’s not just about what you want, it’s how you want it,” Robinson told Fortune.

“We’ve found a niche in delivering a personalized service.” 

 The company is expanding into new categories of clothing and accessories to meet consumer needs.

Robinson said she is using Fitbit sensors to track your activities while you wear clothing, and Fitbits Fit-like wearables to track the movements of other Fitbit devices. 

The new products are called “wearables,” and Robinson said the technology can be used in a number of different ways. 

 “We have sensors that can track heart rate, and we have sensors to measure blood pressure,” Robinson said.

“And we have a sensor that can monitor blood flow.

We’ve also created a sensor for measuring sleep.

We have sensors for measuring stress and mood.

We use a bunch of sensors.” 

Robinson said that she has found Fitbit Fit-style wearables like the Fitbit Charge HR to be most effective when combined with Fitbit’s Fit-plus program, which lets customers pay up to $250 for a three-month subscription of Fitbits. 

A Fitbit representative confirmed to Fortune that Robinson is one of many companies that is now using Fitbits sensors to deliver customized wearables. 

Size Up is not the only company experimenting with wearable technology.

Last year, Fitbit announced the launch of a new fitness band, the Fit Flex, that will track heart rates, pulse rate, body temperature, and other metrics. 

But Robinson said that Fitbit has yet to announce a price for the Fit Fit Flex and that it will likely go on sale later this year. 

Fitbit is working on a smartwatch, but Robinson said Fitbit is not ready to launch the device yet. 

“[Fitbit] is not yet ready to do this.

We’re working on that,” Robinson explained.

“But we’re not going to do it until we have all the devices.

I’m confident that we will.”