‘You can’t take your shirt off’: GOP senator says ‘no’ to gay-themed shirts

GOP Senate candidate Steve King, a prominent critic of the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, told The Hill on Tuesday that “you can’t have your shirt on.”

“I have a shirt that says ‘You Can’t Take Your Shirt Off,'” King said.

“It’s offensive to me that they would go that far.”

The senator was referring to an anti-gay-themed shirt he wore during a news conference with New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie (R).

The shirts were reportedly spotted by The Daily Caller and a photographer from The New York Daily News, who posted a video to Facebook showing the shirt.

King said that he was surprised to hear from The Daily Beast that the shirt is being widely discussed on social media.

“I think the majority of the country is not really familiar with it, and I think the people who know are saying it’s offensive,” he said.

“But we have to be a little careful about the tone.

We can’t be offended, but we can’t get away with it.”

The president of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, defended the shirt on Twitter.

King also defended his shirt, saying that the president is “not even a Republican” and that he believes that the Supreme-Court ruling should be overturned.

King, who is challenging Christie for reelection, has called the Supreme court’s marriage decision “a travesty.”

In March, the senator was among five Republican senators to vote against the Senate’s bipartisan health care overhaul bill that would have required Americans to obtain insurance through their employer.

The Supreme Court said the legislation’s requirement that employers provide coverage for birth control was unconstitutional, and the Supreme State was not a union.

The justices also upheld a requirement that insurers cover birth control for women in their pre-existing conditions, though the bill would have exempted the plan for women who were pregnant.