A rare ‘fantastic’ ‘faux’ coat worn by ‘fancy’ man in Hollywood

New York – An 18-year-old man from Hollywood has worn a “fantasied” coat for the first time in the United States. 

According to TMZ, a man named Mark Dziedzic has been in Hollywood for about four years. 

He said he was dressed up as the “fancy” version of a Hollywood star in order to promote his upcoming movie “Dressed To Kill”. 

He wore the “perfect” suit and tie, but not a tie. 

Mark said he did not know if he will ever wear the suit again. 

His mother, a Hollywood producer, said the man had to wear it because of the weather. 

“He’s a huge fan of the movies,” the producer said.

“We know what he’s thinking about them.

We’re hoping he will find a good fit with us, as well.” 

The coat is currently being auctioned off for $300,000. 

Dziedziic, who lives in Los Angeles, said he wanted to give back to the industry by promoting his film, “Drugged and Confused”. 

“We hope to get people interested in what’s going on in Hollywood, especially in the entertainment industry,” he said. 

The man was seen walking in the street and wearing the coat on Saturday.