Clemson apparel pro, snap on apparel announced as new apparel partner

Clemson has announced that it has signed apparel pro snap on as its apparel partner.

The deal is a win for the Clemson football team as well as its fans.

Clemson was a strong apparel sponsor during the 2017 season, as the Tigers won the SEC Championship game and the ACC Championship game, and Clemson is also the only school in the nation that has a team apparel sponsor that can sell out stadiums. 

The deal will be announced at a press conference on Friday, August 13, at the Clemson Center.

Clemson has been an apparel sponsor of the Clemson Tigers since 2013, when the Tigers made the first major apparel purchase.

The school has been the top apparel sponsor for the Tigers since 2012, and it has also been a strong sponsor of its basketball team.

Clemson athletics announced a partnership with Snap on in January 2017 to increase its apparel portfolio.

Snap on is a global apparel and footwear company with more than 25 million employees and over 1,000 locations across more than 40 countries.

The company recently launched a new apparel brand with the Clemson Football team, which is expected to debut in 2019. 

Snap on is an official apparel partner of the US Army and has been a leading brand in the military apparel market. 

It’s a great opportunity for Clemson to grow our apparel and athletic department.

The team has been in the apparel business for over a decade, and we look forward to building a lasting partnership with the company that has been so instrumental in supporting our football team. 

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