How to Get a ‘Make America Great Again’ T-Shirt on Amazon for Less than $1.99

The clothing company is the first major retailer to open a physical store for its “Make America Greatest Again” t-shirt, which was created by former President Donald Trump and featuring a Confederate flag and the words “Vote Trump” and “Make AMERICA Great Again.”

The t-shirts, which were available to purchase online starting on Wednesday, were available at Walmart, Target and American Eagle Outfitters stores, and at the company’s online store, which allows customers to buy the apparel directly from, the company said in a statement on Friday.

The company’s decision to launch the campaign was spurred by the election of Trump, who was sworn in on Jan. 20, and the backlash against him following his controversial comments on the white nationalist movement.

The tshirts are printed on heavy-weight cotton-blend fabric and have a soft-touch finish.

The shirt will ship to customers in November.

The tshirt’s launch came as the company is grappling with the fallout from Trump’s comments on white supremacy.

The president, a fierce supporter of the Confederate flag, said in January that he planned to “take down” the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds, a move that drew fierce backlash from local officials.

He also said that he wanted to “get rid” of the word “n*****” from the Confederate state motto.

Trump has not commented on the controversy, but on Friday, he tweeted that he was not against the flag’s removal.

“If you like your flag, you can keep it,” he wrote.

In a statement, Amazon said the t-shirts are an important part of the retailer’s commitment to its customers, who have been asking for them since the election.

“We have a long history of bringing our customers’ most valued experiences and brands to life through products that celebrate diversity and inclusion,” the company added.

Amazon also said the company was “working closely” with the Trump campaign on the tshirt, with the company “hoping to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives” and to “make sure we are all on the same page.”

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