How to get the best of the Redskins apparel for the 2018 season

We’re about to get a new look for the Washington Redskins apparel season, and it looks a lot like this one: The Washington Redskins are back in a new color scheme this year.

The new look comes courtesy of the “Cobalt” logo.

Here’s how to snag the new look: You can snag the “cobalt green” version of the red and white Washington Redskins gear.

The white version is a limited edition of 100,000, and will only be available for pre-order starting July 30.

The “cuban” version is available in a black, grey, and white colorway.

The purple version is only available for a limited time, and is a mix of the two.

The navy and navy blue version of both will be available at the same time.

You can find the new Washington Redskins “coupe” look for $100, and the “shoes” look is $85.

Get all three options below: If you’re looking for something a little more classic and casual, there are two new look options: the white and blue version.

The blue version will be sold exclusively at Target, and comes with a hoodie, socks, and sandals.

The hoodie and socks are available for $40 each, and you can get the sandals for $60 each.

You’ll also want to check out the navy and black versions of the gear, which are available at Target.

Both are available on select Columbia/Pinnacle stores starting today.

The $40 “shoe” looks like the black version above, but it has a “curb” on the heel instead of a straight strap.

It comes in the same size as the $85 “shovel,” which also has a black heel and a curb.

It also comes in a limited number of colors.

It’s available for the $45 “booties” look.

Get the black and navy look for only $80, and both the $80 “bootie” and the $90 “shoyl” look are available exclusively at Columbia/Tropicana.

The gray and navy looks are available in Columbia/Pacifica stores starting August 16.