How to Get the Sisters of the Canyon to Pay Up for a Piece of Your Favorite Clothing

The sisters of the canyon have been the focus of much media attention lately, with a string of viral videos highlighting the garment workers’ struggles and their struggles for better wages.

Now the sisters have released their own video, highlighting some of the issues surrounding their clothing production and pay.

The sisters, who call themselves Sisters of The Canyon, have also been the target of a slew of online attacks.

A recent video posted to YouTube showed a woman, who appeared to be in her early 20s, calling the sisters a “bitch” and saying that she was going to “slut them up” with her “fucking eyes.”

The video has since been removed.

In a video posted by the sisters on their official Facebook page, the sisters wrote that they have been working on a “big project” that they want to share with the world, but the “reality” of their working conditions made it impossible to do so.

In the video, the women’s voiceover tells the story of the sisters’ struggle with low wages, low pay, and poor health.

“Our life isn’t easy, our lives aren’t fair, and we don’t deserve it,” the video’s narrator says.

“So let’s go forward together and make sure that everyone gets the best out of our lives.”

In a statement, the Sisters said that the video “provides insight into our everyday lives, but is most important as a reminder of what it takes to be a good worker and a decent human being.”

The sisters’ new video, titled Sisters of a Closet, is a joint venture between the Sisters and clothing company, The Closets, which they describe as an “affordable, high-quality clothing company.”

“It’s a joint project between us and The Clothes,” the sisters said.

“We’re sharing our experiences, experiences of working and what it means to be human, in a way that will hopefully be more empowering for everyone.”

The new video comes as the sisters face backlash from the garment industry.

Last month, a petition was launched on that calls on the Sisters to pay the sisters for their work.

The petition claims that “the sisters of a closet” have not been paid “a fair wage” and that they are “not receiving any support from the sisters of our community.”

The petition also states that the sisters are being “neglected” and is demanding that they be paid “their fair share.”

“The Sisters of Sisters, as a collective, are the real victims of the garment factory industry,” the petition reads.

“The sisters of Sisters are not the problem; they are the problem’s victims.”