How to get your own Pride ‘N’ Roll T-shirt

A new version of Pride apparel for women has arrived, and this time the T-shirts come with pride flags. 

The first of these new Pride T-Shirts is available for purchase on the online store, and they’re priced at €5.25 each. 

This first set of T-shirts comes in the colour blue, white and red, with the word “N” printed in gold on the back of each T-SHIRT. 

While these Pride T’s look a lot like the ones in the Pride clothing collection, they don’t feature the same pride flag or logo. 

In fact, the new Pride shirts are sold without the word ‘N’. 

There’s also a smaller set of Pride T shirts available for €3.75 each.

These shirts are made with recycled material and are made of a light, soft fabric that is breathable and soft enough to roll up. 

They are also available in a few different colours. 

Pride apparel for men also come in the same way, but are made out of a fabric that’s more resistant to water and wind, which means that they’re easier to roll and roll up than their T-Tshirts. 

These Pride T and N shirts are available in the following colours: blue, red, white, grey and black. 

Each of the three shirts is made of recycled materials, but the Pride T shirt comes in a limited edition of 150,000 units. 

There are also two other sizes of Pride-branded T- Shirts available, with a $9.99 price tag and a $14.99 one. 

A second Pride T Shirt is available in pink, and a third shirt is available to be purchased in green. 

All of these shirts feature the word N printed on the front of each shirt, and it’s unclear if these are the same shirts or not. 

It’s worth noting that both the pink and green shirts come in different sizes. 

According to the company, there are no plans to introduce a third Pride T or N shirt, but it’s possible they could have a larger range. 

What do you think of Pride shirts? 

Do you prefer the T and/or N shirts?