How to Quickflip your Leather Motorcycle Gear

Quickflipping leather motorcycle gear is one of the most common and easy tricks to keep your gear on the bike faster and easier.

While most gearheads will be familiar with this method, it is not one that you will be able to get up and running on the cheap.

That said, if you can find the right tools, you can easily convert your leather motorcycle bike gear into a quick flip.

It is best to start with a set of straps that are slightly longer than your bike frame length.

The straps should be 1-2″ (38-46mm) wide and about 3″ (90mm) tall.

Start with a small size and work your way up to a larger size as you get better at getting the right fit and fit-for-purpose.

Once you are comfortable with the strap length, you will need to take it off.

With the straps off, use a sharp knife to trim the edges of the straps.

You should be able the the straps are completely detached from the bike frame.

With your knife, make sure you are careful not to cut through the nylon straps that make up the quick flip buckle.

Then, carefully clip the straps into the quick-flip buckle.

Make sure you secure the straps with the metal snaps that come with the quick flipper.

Make a note of which straps you are attaching to which buckle.

Now, you need to attach the quickflip buckles to the front and back of the bike.

Once the quickglide has been attached, attach it to the harness or harness and the quick buckle.

With all the straps attached, it’s time to put the quickfold on.

The quickfold will act as a shock absorber to absorb the shock as the quickfly goes through the bike gear.

Once your quickflips gear is in place, you may find that you have to adjust your quickglides straps to fit your gear to suit your riding style.

You may also need to remove the quickfolds straps to get it all to sit properly.

Make note of how far down you can put the straps, and make sure the quick fold stays secure.

Next, attach the straps to the quickfastener.

Make the quick fastener as wide as possible, but not too wide that it can’t be used as a quickflop.

Next you need a small piece of fabric to fasten the quickfix buckle.

Use a thin rubber band to secure it.

You can use a regular belt fastener or use a piece of cord tied into the buckle.

You will want to get the fastener to be snug but not so tight that it will make it difficult to attach and remove the fastfix buckle from the quickfit harness.

Now that you know how to fastglide, take a look at our quickflipping motorcycle gear video series.

What is your favorite quickflipe trick?

Have you ever tried one yourself?

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