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on the latest #bronxCards deal article Posted by Mashable on Friday, February 10, 2019 08:25:25 New York City is a city that loves its sports teams, and they love its athletes.

So much so, in fact, that many of them make their home in the city.

Now, the Yankees have announced a $500,000 apparel deal with J. Crew, the brand that has come to define their New York brand.

The deal will be announced during the team’s press conference on Friday afternoon.

It is a new way for the Yankees to promote their brand in a big way.

The team has a long history of merchandising, and the Yankees already have their own line of clothing.

They’ve also partnered with Nike for apparel, and now they’re expanding their merchandisation options.

The brand’s apparel line includes shirts and jackets, while the team also has a collection of hats and other hats.

The Yankees have previously partnered with Under Armour, which also has its own apparel line. 

In addition to J.

Crew, the new deal will include a line of jackets, which the team will be releasing next season.

The shirts are available exclusively through the team website.

The J.P. Riches collection will also be available in the new J.R. Richer Collection, which includes shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. 

The New York Yankees are also adding some of the hottest young stars in the world to their roster.

First up is Justin Verlander, the Red Sox ace who signed a $240 million deal with the team earlier this year.

Verlander will be available to wear in a new uniform for the team next season, and his signature “W” will be featured on the front of his jersey. 

Second on the team is Mark Teixeira, who signed with the club last week after hitting a home run in his debut against the Braves.

Teixes jersey will also feature a logo of the Bronx Bombers. 

Third on the roster is Matt Harvey, the Mets right-hander who signed this week after reaching the postseason for the first time since 2015. 

Fourth on the lineup is Mariano Rivera, who made his major league debut last year and has made the Yankees an immediate contender. 

Fifth is Jose Bautista, who has been on a tear this season.

He will be one of the first players on the field wearing the “B” of the Yankees when the team makes its regular season debut on March 7 against the Tigers. 

Sixth is Justin Upton, who is set to be one the most valuable players in the American League this season after finishing fifth in MVP voting last season. 

Seventh on the Yankees roster is Alex Rodriguez, who will be in the Bronx for his first game on March 8 against the Red Wings. 

Eight will be on the Red Bull franchise for the 2016 season, including Jose Baez, who was acquired from the Tigers on Monday. 

Nine will be with the New York Mets. 

10 will be added to the Yankees team in 2018. 

 11 will be the first Yankees player to wear the “J” of their hometown team since Alex Rodriguez was on the same team as Babe Ruth. 

12 will be an alternate for the New Yorker Stadium grand opening on April 1. 

13 will be a new “J”-themed jersey for the 2019 season.