Walmart, Amazon and Kohl’s to launch new apparel-centric online stores in 2016

Walmart, a major US retailer, is to launch its own apparel-focused online store in 2016.

The online-only store will focus on “new and existing brands, new apparel styles and innovative new offerings,” Walmart said in a statement to Reuters.

The announcement comes as Amazon continues to expand its online retail presence, and Kohls has a new online store for consumers. 

Walmart and Kohlfr are the first two retailers to commit to an online retail strategy for their products. 

The move by Amazon is likely to boost competition in the apparel business, where the retailer is already in the midst of an antitrust investigation. 

“Amazon has a long history of expanding its business and is now entering the apparel arena with an online presence,” said Chris Lattimer, president of apparel retail consultancy KPMG.

“I believe that this will create new competition, while maintaining the competitive advantage of the Walmart/Kohl’s brands.” 

The online store will launch in mid-2016. 

Lattimer said the online retail stores could offer shoppers “more choice in where they shop and in the quality of their shopping experience.”