When did you first start playing anime?

When I was about three or four years old, my family moved to an apartment in the United Kingdom.

I loved it.

It was the perfect place to live and learn.

My dad, who was the head of my nursery school, had a pet parrot named Lucy.

She was a really friendly bird who could fly in the air and she would jump up and down to show me what was going on in the room.

I was very excited when I saw Lucy and I decided I would become a pilot.

It wasn’t a very good career move, but I made it.

My first role was as the pilot for a flight school.

The school was the first flight school I attended in the UK and it was amazing.

I saw lots of the best pilots in the world flying.

I had the privilege of learning from some of the greatest pilots.

A year later, I started doing stand-up comedy shows.

It seemed like the next step up.

After one year, I decided to do a full-time job.

I had to move to a different city and my life was going very well, but my dad said I should just give up acting.

So I had to get a job as a bartender.

So I was on a two-week holiday to Australia and I was in the pub with my girlfriend.

I’m not a good drunk, but she didn’t want to go home with me and I’m like, “I’ll take her home with us”.

So I did it.

We had a good time and then I got to meet my girlfriend again.

The next year, when I moved to New York City, I was a bartender at a restaurant.

I’d come to the US from England and I knew a lot of New Yorkers.

I started to meet some of them at the bars and it just felt right.

They were so nice and I could tell that they were really happy.

They’d told me that they loved me and that I was wonderful.

After three years, I got my first job as the bartender at an Italian restaurant in New York.

I would go in, make sure everyone was happy and then serve the people.

It was a very rewarding experience, but after three years it became a nightmare.

My girlfriend and I got married, had two kids, and had a house.

I just kept thinking, I’ve got a job and I have nothing to show for it.

That’s when I finally decided to give up, and I said, “Enough.”

I decided to quit acting because I didn’t have the time to become a better actor.

My career as a stand-in for a TV character was not going to pay the bills.

I needed to find a way to support myself and my family.

I tried going back to acting.

Then, a year later when I was living in Los Angeles, I found a job at a small restaurant.

My agent said, you have to come to LA for a week and work at this small restaurant in a small space.

I got there and I found out I didn’s job.

I knew I couldn’t make the money that I thought I would make.

I went to a local restaurant, the one that I knew, and my manager said, I can’t do that because I’m an actor.

He had to give me a break and I accepted.

I took a year off from acting and started working on my documentary, ‘The Lost Boys’.

I’ve been working for three years now and I’ve worked on many different projects, but one of my most important is ‘The Hidden Ones’, a documentary about the Lost Boys.

I made this film about them, which is why I decided it was the right time to stop acting.

I didn`t want to keep going into acting.

It just felt like the right decision to take the plunge.

During that time, I became a father, and we have a daughter now.

I am so proud of what I have accomplished.

You may have read that I have had a long-standing relationship with a woman, who has become a great supporter of my work and who is now a partner in an acting company.

It’s great to be a part of this and it`s the best job I have ever had.