When the dress code changes, you’ll find more comfortable and fashionable items at the mall

The mall may be changing its dress code, but you won’t find more stylish clothing at your local mall.

Macy’s announced this week that it is removing the dress codes for women and men, and that it will be adding new items and colors to help people feel more comfortable.

The new look includes a “more casual, streamlined look” that includes a dress that goes down to your knees and skirts that are shorter and have more room.

“Macy’s is working with its stores to create more stylish, less restrictive apparel, including a selection of dresses that are designed to be worn with a skirt and/or a turtleneck,” a statement said.

“We want to help you find the right clothing to help feel more relaxed and comfortable at all times.”

Macy’s said it is also making the dresses available in sizes from Small to XL, with a full list of sizes and colors available at www.macys.com/cities/store.html.

“Our new collection of garments is designed to provide you with an incredible selection of stylish, casual, and comfortable apparel,” Macy’s CEO Mark Malloy said in a statement.

“In a world of fast-paced shopping and fast-changing trends, the latest fashion trends are essential to today’s women and girls.

Macy, our leading retailer, has made it easier for our shoppers to find the very best styles, sizes, colors and accessories for their style and lifestyle.”

The new trend includes: A more streamlined dress.

For women, the new look adds a skirt that goes below your knees to allow for a more relaxed, more comfortable look.

It is also available in two sizes: Small and Medium.

For men, it goes down below your knee to allow you to wear a shorter skirt that is longer and less baggy.

It goes from Small through to XL.

A skirt-to-shoulder style.

For those who want a more streamlined, more casual look, this style goes from a low-cut turtlenecks to a longer, strapless dress.

It also includes the option of a skirt, skirt-style shoes, and heels.

The dress is available in a number of colors, including navy blue, dark teal, purple, white, pink, orange, yellow, and black.

It can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from Small up to Large.

“Today, Macy’s is making it easier to find a style and color that fits your lifestyle,” Malloy continued.

“With our new selection of clothing, we are giving you a new way to style your look, while providing you with the tools to find exactly the right clothes for your personal style.

With more styles to choose from, you will have access to new styles to wear everyday with your favorite accessories, such as smart watches and sunglasses.”

For more information about the new Macy’s dress code and the new collections, go to www.msm.com.

Macys also announced this year that it has added a new color palette and styles to its website.

It will also be adding a new style for women’s suits, and the company will be offering more clothing for men’s suits and suits for men in the spring.

The Macy’s website said the new colors are: Peach Green, Black, Red, White, Red Black, Gold.

The website also announced the release of a new video, called “You’ve Got It,” that highlights the Macy’s newest color palette.

Macy`s has also announced that it would be adding more colors in the coming months, with more to come in the next few months.

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