Why I’m a big fan of the new Nike “bulk” clothing code

By Fox Sports’ Jason Beck and Ryan McCaffreyAssociated PressNew Nike has announced a new “bargain” clothing program that’s geared toward athletes who want to get a little bit of everything for a price.

The program, which launched Friday, is the latest step in Nike’s push to attract athletes with some of the most diverse backgrounds in sports, including black athletes, Hispanics and Native Americans.

Nike has launched a new clothing code called “Bulk” that will give athletes in their 20s and 30s a chance to get everything from a pair of Nike Air Max 1s to a pair, plus a bunch of accessories for about $125.

It also includes a pair for $275.

For athletes, it means getting a pair with a colorway or graphic from the brand or forgo a pair altogether.

The code is also aimed at athletes who are just getting started with Nike and want to build a wardrobe with some things that are still on the market.

It’s also aimed specifically at athletes and their families who might be looking for some of their favorite brands for a down payment on some of that gear.

A Nike spokesperson told the AP on Friday that the bulk apparel code is a “first in our business,” and the company is looking to grow the program in the future.

It offers up to 30 percent discounts, with some items sold separately.

Nikes “bundle” code will give consumers access to more than 30 items in addition to the top-selling items.

They’ll get a Nike Air Force 1, Air Max 3 and a Nike Zoom 350.

They can get a pair or two of Nike sneakers, a pair from a brand they like or a pair that has a “baggage” tag.

A pair of shoes is also included in the deal, with the option of getting a Nike Freefly or a Nike Hyperbolic Boost.

These shoes come with a 30 percent discount, and Nike’s Freefly has a 30% discount, too.

In a statement, Nike said that “bundles” offer athletes “the opportunity to find a great selection of Nike products in the same price range.”

Nike’s other codes are “boutique” and “design,” and they can be used with the Nike FreeFly, Freefly Boost and Hyperboles.

They offer up to 60 percent discounts.

For the “design” code, athletes get two pairs of Nike Zoom shoes, a Nike Boost shoe and an Nike Air Trainer shoe.

The company also announced Friday that it’s adding more brands to its “bust-to-buckle” program.

Nike has partnered with Nike Sportswear, which makes Nike Boost, to offer a bundle of Nike Boost shoes, an Adidas Boost shoe, an Nike Zoom shoe, a Blackhawk Boost shoe from Adidas, a Zalman Speedmaster shoe from Zalmans and a pair by the German company Reebok.

These deals are still in the works.

The company has said that it will release its first batch of “bunches” by the end of the year, and will expand the programs as they are approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.