Dodgers have no plans to wear ‘Dodger Pride’ t-shirts or buttons at games

DOUGLAS — Los Angeles Dodgers players will be wearing “Dodgers Pride” shirts or buttons this season, a sign of support for gay rights., the company behind the shirts, announced the change on Twitter on Tuesday, citing an NFL rule prohibiting players from wearing “homosexual pride” shirts and buttons during games.

A Dodgers official said in a statement that players are allowed to wear their “personal style” shirts.

The shirts, which can be purchased at Dukes of Hazard or through Dukes apparel, will go on sale on April 21 at Dodgers Stadium, the official statement said.

They are a nod to the gay rights movement, which began in the 1980s and has been supported by players, coaches and management.

Dukes of Hoedown was a chain of chain stores that were popular during the AIDS crisis.

Duke’s apparel, which include the “D-O-B-O” shirt, is part of a range of products from the company that include clothing and accessories.

Ducks fans have embraced the new “D Dodger Pride” t-shirt for years, wearing them at games and in parks, as well as on social media.

In 2012, Dukes owner Mike Duke posted a message on his Twitter page that read, “Dukes will no longer sell your pride for $20.

We’re here to be D-Doders and show you how to be proud.”

Duke, a Republican, owns Dukes, a sports apparel chain, which is owned by former NBA star and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

He and Jones are among a group of prominent people who have spoken out against homophobia in sports and other areas of the culture.

Jones told in March that he was not personally opposed to “gay pride” but said he believes it should be done in a respectful manner.

“You can’t be the most important person in your family and then be opposed to the most popular group that people identify with,” Jones said.

“The same goes for race and gender and all those things.

So I think it’s important to have that discussion in a positive way.”

Dukes is owned in part by the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, who won the NBA title in 2012 and are among the teams that wear the shirts.