Liberty University student charged with drug possession

An online petition calling for the resignation of Liberty University’s president and chancellor, a student charged in the death of a fellow student, and a faculty member charged in a sexual assault lawsuit has garnered more than 10,000 signatures.

In a letter to the school president, the petition said that “liberty” should be taken to mean “freedom.”

The petition, titled “Liberty University: The People’s University,” says the school is the “only public university in the world with the power to remove all the trappings of the system” and that “Liberity University should be the first of the country to abolish the university as we know it.”

The school, which has campuses in Texas, Georgia, New York, and Ohio, was the first in the nation to ban sex between students of the same gender, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The petition is seeking a formal response from the school by Friday.

The Liberty University statement says “this petition is being addressed to the University of Texas System Board of Regents.”

A Liberty University spokesman said in a statement that the school “is reviewing the petition and the response it has received from our community.

The University of South Florida, another institution that has similarly removed its student-athletes from campus and placed them on probation, has also removed its male students from campus.”

The letter said the petitioners have not yet been contacted by the university and did not respond to messages.