Patriots apparel retailer has been bought by Amazon for $2 billion

New England Patriots apparel company Patriot Sports Group is going public, and it’s a $2.7 billion acquisition that’s bringing back a bunch of old friends.

The move, which comes on the heels of another deal that also includes a slew of deals, has led to some rumors that the Pats will be getting a new head coach in the near future.

But that hasn’t stopped the team from going public on Wednesday, when it reported that it had reached a deal with Amazon for roughly $1.8 billion.

That deal will allow the Patriots to expand their apparel business and bring in other brands like Nike and Reebok, who will likely continue to have the Patriots apparel business, as well.

The company will be selling apparel for NFL players, as it is with the Pats.

The New England Pats will continue to be owned by Kraft and his family, and they’re still going to have some influence on the company’s business.

Kraft is currently chairman and CEO of the New England Falcons.

In terms of NFL teams, the Patriots have been one of the few franchises that have managed to maintain a loyal fan base while being financially successful.

They’re also one of only a few teams in the NFL that still own their stadium, which is located in Gillette Stadium.

In recent years, the team has made a push to try to build an identity outside of the confines of Gillette.

They’ve expanded to a new stadium in Gilmanton, where they’re also building an arena that will be used for the NFL.

While that arena is a big deal, it’s also not the only one that’s being built for the team.

Kraft has said that he’d like to see the team move to an even bigger stadium, and while that might sound like a big idea, it doesn’t seem like a pipe dream in terms of building a stadium.