What we know about the future of Buffalo Sabres jerseys

Buffalo Sabres President Russ Brandon said Friday that he will soon begin the process of rebranding the Sabres logo.

The team will officially introduce the new logo in November, but a team spokesman said Friday the Sabres will begin with a limited edition of 2,000 jerseys and hats.

The logo has already been seen on Sabres uniforms for years and it’s not known how the team plans to change the logo.

A Sabres spokesman said that the team does not have any plans to release a new logo.

“We’re not planning to do a new jersey in 2017,” Brandon said.

“It’s a very difficult and costly process, but we’re going to do it.”

The team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Buffalo Sabres fans were ecstatic when the team unveiled the new uniforms last year.

The new uniforms are inspired by the city’s hockey tradition and are expected to sell out.