Which Patriots apparel brands are worth a watch?

A new poll by Bloomberg Politics finds that while many of the apparel companies that make up the Patriots’ apparel line have seen a spike in sales in the past year, a few still stand out from the pack.

Here’s what Bloomberg’s poll found:Glock Outdoor, which makes apparel for the NFL’s New England Patriots and its regional NFL partner, the Green Bay Packers, saw its sales grow nearly 20% last year, according to Bloomberg.

The company is also one of the brands that has had the most robust success in the apparel space in the last year.

Glock has made some interesting moves in recent years, like launching an exclusive line with American Eagle for the 2014 Super Bowl.

The line has been well received by fans and sports apparel enthusiasts alike.

In May, the company announced that it would be producing a line of new “Nikes” for the 2016 Olympics.

The other apparel brand in the Bloomberg poll is American Eagle, which is one of two companies that have made significant gains in the market over the last several years.

In 2016, American Eagle was the top-selling apparel brand, according the survey.

Its new line of “Socks” has seen strong sales and a big jump in popularity, as the company continues to push the value proposition of its socks.

The brand’s sales grew 20% in the year to March, according Bloomberg.

In the year ending March 31, American Eagles’ sales were up 28%.

American Eagle has been very successful in its efforts to expand its market share, as it has grown its sales from $11.5 billion in 2013 to $12.3 billion in 2016.

The brand’s growth is attributed to its high-quality socks, which are available in a range of colors and sizes.

American Eagle recently announced that a new line called the “Mens Shorts” would be launching this summer.

The new line will offer a range that includes a variety of sizes for men, women and children.

American Eagles is also planning to launch a line called “Lipstick” in the fall.

The Lipstick line is the company’s attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the new lipsticks, which make up a growing segment of the market.

American Earls products, including its line of shoes and apparel, have seen strong growth in recent months.

The retailer’s shoes sales jumped almost 50% last spring, according a report by Bloomberg.

And the brand is also expanding into the clothing space with a new collection of pants, which it launched this month.

While the top brands in the survey are some of the biggest in the business, other companies that are making a lot of noise in the clothing and footwear space include:American Eagle is also going after the growing female consumer market with a line that includes jeans, hoodies, shirts and pants.

The products, which range in price from $49 to $99, are being marketed by the company as a way to attract women who want a more affordable option.

American Eagle is planning to release a collection of clothes that are designed for the growing market in the coming year.