Why women can wear dresses, dresses, and more in a sorority

NEW YORK — The sorority season is here, and the sisters at the University of Minnesota sorority are excited about the possibilities.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, senior Rachel Ruttig, a member of the sorority’s senior class, shared how she and her sisters were inspired to wear dresses during the season.

Sorority sisters who are new to sorority life, Ruttag said, are usually excited to go out, but they don’t usually have the time or energy to dress for the occasion.

That’s why sorority sisters often dress for their events.

They can’t afford to buy fancy clothes for a casual night out, so they rely on the clothing that the girls wear.

The first night of the 2017 sorority year, Ruggi wore a dress and a dressy blouse.

She wore the dress to a party on campus, where she sat with friends in a lounge area, and she even took the stage to sing “Let Me Love You” by the Sisters of Mercy.

“It was the first time that I had a dress, and it was so cool,” Rutti said.

“I felt so comfortable that night.”

As a freshman in college, Rottie Wigmore, a sororority member, said the idea of wearing a dress is “just one more way of showing that we are women and that we care about each other.”

She added, “It’s important to know that we can all wear the same clothes and that you can dress for all kinds of events.”

For Ruttigan, a senior, the experience of wearing the dress was a challenge.

“I didn’t feel comfortable.

I felt a little bit out of place.

I was kind of struggling a little,” Rutigan said.

Ruttig said her sisters helped her out by telling her that “the idea of dressing up is very empowering and it’s something that we do because we care.”

As Ruttigi put it, “We’re so lucky to have this community of women that we really want to be a part of.”