Dunkin Donuts to open its first store in Georgia with Dunkin’ Donuts brand

Dunkin donut chains will open stores in Georgia beginning this weekend.

The Dunkin Brands Inc. (NYSE:DUN) will open its newest location at the Atlanta-based company’s new corporate headquarters at 100 S. Georgia Ave., Atlanta, Georgia.

Dunkin won approval from the Georgia Economic Development Commission (GEDC) last week for the new location.

The company also plans to open a second store in Atlanta, which it plans to call “Dunkin’ Downtown Atlanta,” in the fall.

Dunkins first Georgia store opened in May 2017, and it is currently the largest Dunkin store in the state.

According to the company, the Georgia location will be its first in Georgia.

The Atlanta store will be open on Friday, July 12, and will be staffed by Dunkin employees.

Dunkin Donut Co. (DUND) announced last month that it will open a new DunkinDonuts store in Augusta, Georgia, in October.

The Augusta store will offer items from Dunkin brands including donuts, ice cream and other treats.

The company also announced in May that it plans on opening a DunkinTowne retail store in downtown Atlanta that will sell Dunkin products and merchandise.

The new store is expected to open in fall 2018.

Dunkins Georgia location is located at 100 W. Georgia Avenue in Atlanta.

DUN has locations in several states, including North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and West Virginia.

Dunk in Donuts has locations throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta, Atlanta, Marietta, Maricopa and Mobile.DUN is owned by The Mondelez Companies, which also owns the company’s namesake company, Dunkin Enterprises.