Honda and Dallas Cowboys apparel company dallascowboys apparel to unveil new apparel line for 2017

Dallas, TX — The Dallas Cowboys announced that it has entered into an agreement with Adidas, the company behind the Nike and Adidas Originals brands, for a new line of apparel.

The partnership will launch with new uniforms and apparel featuring the Dallas Cowboys logo, as well as a new Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Adidas Origins will become the official apparel partner of the Dallas Mavericks, as the Mavericks will wear the uniforms and gear from the new line for the first time this season.

The new line will be released in September.

Adidas, which is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is the world’s largest sporting goods brand and the largest global apparel company.

In 2014, it entered into a partnership with Nike to create the Nike Zoom series, which also includes sneakers, hoodies, and other apparel.

In 2017, Adidas and the Mavericks agreed to an unprecedented five-year deal worth up to $1.6 billion.

The Dallas Mavericks are the only NBA franchise with a full-time, global presence.

The team will be one of only eight teams to wear the Dallas logo on its uniforms and logo gear.

“The Dallas Mavericks have a unique and passionate fan base that is one of the most passionate in the NBA,” said Mark Shapiro, senior vice president of Nike Basketball Brand, Inc., the company’s brand development and merchandising business.

“We are excited to work with the Dallas team to create a new uniform and gear collection for them to wear on the court.”

The new uniforms will be worn during home games and away games.

They will feature the Dallas mascot, the Mavs logo, the Cowboys name and logo, and the Dallas Stars’ iconic green and white colors.

Adidas will release the new uniform line in partnership with the MaviPulse app.

The Mavi Pulse app will be available for download on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

The new line also includes a new set of Adidas Origints.

Adidas has a global portfolio of apparel, footwear and accessories.

Adidas currently has partnerships with the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball and other professional sports leagues around the world.

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