Hype train: How Nike is building the future of children’s apparel

New York City-based Nike has been developing a range of innovative child-friendly apparel for children for years, but the brand’s newest design is the first that uses children as the main focus.

“This new Nike Kids Kids apparel collection celebrates our commitment to making products that kids will love,” says Nick Wills, VP of Global Marketing at Nike.

“We are excited to introduce this new collection and look forward to seeing it in stores this fall.” 

The new NikeKids collection features childrens-friendly prints and graphic designs and features the company’s signature silhouette.

It features a bold white and black design that is reminiscent of Nike’s iconic running sneakers.

The collection also includes a new color palette and a new logo for the brand, as well as a range for the Kids section.

“The NikeKids Collection celebrates Nike’s commitment to creating products that will inspire children to do what they love,” Wills adds.

“Kids will love the designs, the graphics and the range of colors.” 

According to Wills and others in the brand marketing department, Nike is also experimenting with more traditional child-oriented product lines.

The company is also launching an online store that will include more traditional products such as a children’s play set, a childrens’ line of Nike-branded socks and accessories, and a children-focused collection.