Which NFL team is wearing the hottest women’s apparel?

The Seattle Seahawks are the most-diverse team in the NFL, and they’re wearing the most flattering clothing, according to the latest research from fashion site Fashionista.

In fact, the Seahawks have a team-high 12% of their uniforms made up of colors from women.

That includes the Seahawks signature black and white jersey, which is the only team jersey in the league with a majority of its colors from color-blind individuals.

The Seahawks also have the most diverse uniforms of any team in football, with 12% consisting of color-coded jerseys from a diverse range of races, ages and sexes.

The Seahawks are also the most likely to wear the most affordable clothing in the game, with a median retail price of $29.99 per pair.

The team has the lowest retail price among teams in the top 20 markets, according the study.

The NFL has made strides in diversifying its teams and apparel, with players such as Cam Newton wearing suits, helmets and even helmets and hats.

The league’s goal is to diversify and make teams that more accurately reflect the diversity of its fans.