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  • How to get a shoe from Amazon, H&M, and other shoe companies

    With a growing demand for shoes from top brands like Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, it’s no wonder that the footwear industry has been booming.But while footwear manufacturers are the ones making a killing in the retail sector, their competitors are making an even bigger profit.To help their businesses, the shoe industry has set up a […]

  • Which NFL team is wearing the hottest women’s apparel?

    The Seattle Seahawks are the most-diverse team in the NFL, and they’re wearing the most flattering clothing, according to the latest research from fashion site Fashionista.In fact, the Seahawks have a team-high 12% of their uniforms made up of colors from women.That includes the Seahawks signature black and white jersey, which is the only team […]

  • NASA: ‘It’s an important moment’ for space agency

    NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy will become the first American woman to walk on the moon next month when the agency’s Orion capsule takes off in a controlled descent to the surface of the moon.Cassidy, who was a member of the crew of the Apollo 11 spacecraft that took off in 1969, was the first female […]

  • Which NFL players have the most ridiculous jerseys?

    NFL player jerseys can be downright ridiculous.We take a look at 10 players with the most absurd jerseys.1.Tom Brady, New England Patriots (Photo: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)2.Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys (Photo, Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images)3.Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (Photo by Ethan Miller, Getty Images)4.Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens (Photo By: Mark J. Rebilas-USA […]

  • How to get rid of your clothes

    You’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find clothes that fit, but you don’t have the right fit.Your clothes look too tight, your arms look too wide, your legs are too short, your torso is too wide.You’re looking for clothes that feel right, but your hips are too wide or your waist too long.The […]

  • Dunkin Donuts to open its first store in Georgia with Dunkin’ Donuts brand

    Dunkin donut chains will open stores in Georgia beginning this weekend.The Dunkin Brands Inc. (NYSE:DUN) will open its newest location at the Atlanta-based company’s new corporate headquarters at 100 S. Georgia Ave., Atlanta, Georgia.Dunkin won approval from the Georgia Economic Development Commission (GEDC) last week for the new location.The company also plans to open a […]

  • Which Patriots apparel brands are worth a watch?

    A new poll by Bloomberg Politics finds that while many of the apparel companies that make up the Patriots’ apparel line have seen a spike in sales in the past year, a few still stand out from the pack.Here’s what Bloomberg’s poll found:Glock Outdoor, which makes apparel for the NFL’s New England Patriots and its […]

  • ‘Happy Earth’: Why Nike’s ‘Happy’ is more than just a brand

    Happy Earth, the outdoor clothing brand, has been a brand in the sports world for decades.But its latest ad is the latest example of Nike trying to be a brand for everyday people.The ad is titled “Happy Earth: I’ll Be Your Happy,” and it features a smiling Michael Jordan and a smiling Tom Brady.The pair […]

  • How to Get Out of Debt With Cash and Cash Back

    Cash back is a good thing, right?Not if you’re going to use it.If you don’t have any savings, and you’re struggling to pay for basics like groceries, rent or transportation, it can be tempting to take advantage of it.But as with everything, there are better ways to spend your cash.For example, there’s an easy way […]

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