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  • Hype train: How Nike is building the future of children’s apparel

    New York City-based Nike has been developing a range of innovative child-friendly apparel for children for years, but the brand’s newest design is the first that uses children as the main focus.“This new Nike Kids Kids apparel collection celebrates our commitment to making products that kids will love,” says Nick Wills, VP of Global Marketing […]

  • How to shop for your wedding dress: Christian apparel

    A bride can spend hours and hours browsing online Christian apparel stores.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t others that are worth shopping for.Here are a few things to consider before heading out for a wedding dress shopping trip.1.Your bridesmaids dresses are in good shape.Christian brides have become accustomed to spending money on Christian fashion since […]

  • 10 Thieves: 50 Thieves of Greek Culture

    In the days after Greece was liberated from the Ottoman Empire, some Greek and Ottoman officials decided to take the country back to its former glory, and to make it look like a modern Greek city.But the plan to turn Athens into a modern city was fraught with peril, as it would have required a […]

  • How the world’s top mountain bike companies are changing the way they dress

    The mountain bike industry is on a roll, and it’s all about the clothes. The top brands are making a big splash, and the industry is seeing the most rapid growth of any sector in history. From the clothing companies to the accessories makers, the industry’s changing its way of doing things. Here’s how it’s going. A look at […]

  • What’s your favorite brand to wear?

    When it comes to what you buy, you’ve probably heard it all before.From cute hoodies and socks to high-end jeans and denim, there are countless brands that offer products you can wear to work or even on the go.But there are some brands that seem to make their products as comfortable and easy to wear […]

  • What you need to know about the 2017 Jeep Wrangler TJ Wrangler SUV

    Jeep will soon start selling the brand new Wrangler JK SUV in the U.S. and Canada.And the brand’s new Wranglers will be the first Jeeps to be made in North America.The new SUV is a 5-door, 4.6-liter, four-wheel-drive model, and will start at $26,990, according to The Washington Times.The model has a 3.8-liter turbocharged inline-six […]

  • How to avoid fake items from eBay

    By GREG BEER, Associated PressBEIJING (AP) The Chinese internet giant Alibaba has a new way of making sure it doesn’t make consumers nervous about buying fake goods.For some customers, Alibaba’s new “skoot” option on its online shopping platform will let them choose the color of a garment that won’t be sold in stores.But it won’t […]

  • When Tango charlies wear Tango shirts, their pants aren’t tatooed: “No”

    By BILL SAGAN, Associated PressTUESDAY, OCT.31 (AP) When Tino Charlies wear tango shirts and his pants aren.tatoomed.“No,” the Tango Charlies’ owner says.“We are not allowed to wear those shirts.”The Tango Family, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free clothing and supplies for the homeless, has been fighting against tatoos for decades, including the one on […]

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