What’s your favorite brand to wear?

When it comes to what you buy, you’ve probably heard it all before.From cute hoodies and socks to high-end jeans and denim, there are countless brands that offer products you can wear to work or even on the go.But there are some brands that seem to make their products as comfortable and easy to wear […] →Read more

Hottest 100 list: The top 100 apparel brands of all time

The Sport of the Week is back, with our Top 100 apparel and accessories lists.This week, we’re looking at a list of some of the most popular and high-fashion-focused brands in the fashion industry.Here’s what you need to know:1. Hollywood fashion: Top 100 brands of 2017Source: SportBible, Sports Illustrated, Sports Authority, Vogue, VH12. The Hottest Fashion 100: […] →Read more

How to get to the next season of The Office without spending a single cent

A new article from New York magazine has some tips for you to get started with the new season.The article, which is written by former New York Times staff writer Dan O’Brien, goes into detail about how you can spend less time looking for a job, and more time getting to work and living the […] →Read more

What you need to know about Lost Princess apparel

The most famous apparel brand in the world has finally been taken down.Lost Princess is a line of merchandise designed and made by a woman who is also the founder of the company.Her name is Elizabeth, and she is no longer a designer.The news came via an email from Elizabeth, who asked for anonymity to […] →Read more

What we know about the future of Buffalo Sabres jerseys

Buffalo Sabres President Russ Brandon said Friday that he will soon begin the process of rebranding the Sabres logo.The team will officially introduce the new logo in November, but a team spokesman said Friday the Sabres will begin with a limited edition of 2,000 jerseys and hats.The logo has already been seen on Sabres uniforms […] →Read more

‘You’re in for a long time with me’: What to expect from the new Trump administration

In a year that’s been dominated by the Trump administration, there has been a notable lack of coverage of how the new administration’s policy agenda will affect the lives of Americans.We’ve got to start paying attention.The Trump administration has been in office for less than three months, and as such, there is still a long […] →Read more

“Glycerin is a powerful way to get the right feel for your product,”

By now you’ve probably seen the video above.The video is a video on YouTube by a designer called Glycerin, which tells you all about how to make a gel-based hair product using ingredients such as glycerin, water, and other ingredients.Glycerins are a type of glycerol that have a unique texture when mixed with water.They have […] →Read more

‘Happy Earth’: Why Nike’s ‘Happy’ is more than just a brand

Happy Earth, the outdoor clothing brand, has been a brand in the sports world for decades.But its latest ad is the latest example of Nike trying to be a brand for everyday people.The ad is titled “Happy Earth: I’ll Be Your Happy,” and it features a smiling Michael Jordan and a smiling Tom Brady.The pair […] →Read more

How to Get Out of Debt With Cash and Cash Back

Cash back is a good thing, right?Not if you’re going to use it.If you don’t have any savings, and you’re struggling to pay for basics like groceries, rent or transportation, it can be tempting to take advantage of it.But as with everything, there are better ways to spend your cash.For example, there’s an easy way […] →Read more

Obama announces he’ll veto $15 minimum wage hike

President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced he will veto a $15-per-hour federal minimum wage increase.The $15 federal minimum would be the first wage hike since 2010.“I want to make sure that no American family is left out of the recovery,” Obama said in a speech in his hometown of Chicago.“And I’m proud to announce today […] →Read more