When are they coming out in a new fashion?

The first season of The Big Bang Theory is back in cinemas on Friday with a brand new set of clothes.The show returns to Netflix with a bang with two new episodes.It’s a new season which marks the first time since season two that the Big Bang’s main character, Sheldon Cooper, has a casual wardrobe.The […] →Read more

How to dress like a princess

Posted March 14, 2019 07:06:55A royal and a blue dress are two different kinds of apparel, but how to dress up to be one can vary depending on who you ask.In Australia, the term “blue princess” refers to a princess who dresses up as a royal.In Canada, the word “blue royal” refers also to a […] →Read more

How to shop for an NFL uniform

Now Playing: A new version of the Raiders’ jersey will feature an all-black designNow Playing: The NFL’s best rookie quarterbacks on offenseNow Playing, ESPN: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he plans to use the ‘Redskins’ logo on future uniformsNow Playing …Fox Sports: Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Cardinals’ Kevin Kolb and Steelers’ Antonio Brown celebrate their Super […] →Read more

Dunkin Donuts to open its first store in Georgia with Dunkin’ Donuts brand

Dunkin donut chains will open stores in Georgia beginning this weekend.The Dunkin Brands Inc. (NYSE:DUN) will open its newest location at the Atlanta-based company’s new corporate headquarters at 100 S. Georgia Ave., Atlanta, Georgia.Dunkin won approval from the Georgia Economic Development Commission (GEDC) last week for the new location.The company also plans to open a […] →Read more

Which Patriots apparel brands are worth a watch?

A new poll by Bloomberg Politics finds that while many of the apparel companies that make up the Patriots’ apparel line have seen a spike in sales in the past year, a few still stand out from the pack.Here’s what Bloomberg’s poll found:Glock Outdoor, which makes apparel for the NFL’s New England Patriots and its […] →Read more

How you can use a bike helmet to help you save money

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to have a helmet on every day.In fact, most of the time, you can save money by buying a bike with a bike safety helmet, which can be a great idea if you have kids or are wearing one on a regular basis.We’ve […] →Read more

What’s your favorite brand to wear?

When it comes to what you buy, you’ve probably heard it all before.From cute hoodies and socks to high-end jeans and denim, there are countless brands that offer products you can wear to work or even on the go.But there are some brands that seem to make their products as comfortable and easy to wear […] →Read more

Hottest 100 list: The top 100 apparel brands of all time

The Sport of the Week is back, with our Top 100 apparel and accessories lists.This week, we’re looking at a list of some of the most popular and high-fashion-focused brands in the fashion industry.Here’s what you need to know:1. Hollywood fashion: Top 100 brands of 2017Source: SportBible, Sports Illustrated, Sports Authority, Vogue, VH12. The Hottest Fashion 100: […] →Read more

How to get to the next season of The Office without spending a single cent

A new article from New York magazine has some tips for you to get started with the new season.The article, which is written by former New York Times staff writer Dan O’Brien, goes into detail about how you can spend less time looking for a job, and more time getting to work and living the […] →Read more

What you need to know about Lost Princess apparel

The most famous apparel brand in the world has finally been taken down.Lost Princess is a line of merchandise designed and made by a woman who is also the founder of the company.Her name is Elizabeth, and she is no longer a designer.The news came via an email from Elizabeth, who asked for anonymity to […] →Read more